Have you ever worked in Australia?

Did you know it is compulsory for employers to set aside 9.5% of your income as superannuation?|You may be entitled to a refund from over $540 million* in unclaimed Australian superannuation payments!

Apply now FREE! * There is over $540,000,000 being held by the Australian Tax Office belonging to ex-backpackers and ex-foreign students who have worked in Australia in the past.

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation is an employer contribution (usually 9.5% of your salary) that is put aside into a superannuation fund to be accessed during retirement. If you are not an Australian citizen and have worked in Australia for any period of time then you may have unclaimed superannuation that can be paid out to you in a lump sum.

Snorkelling in Australia
Why choose BackPay to locate my superannuation?
Reclaiming your lost superannuation can be a tricky process, your super may be spread amongst several funds and you may not have immediate access to the information required to track them down.

BackPay simplifies this process to require the least amount of information up front while we work behind the scenes to connect the dots and locate things such as your Australian Tax File Number.
Are there any upfront costs or fees? No! Unlike other services, BackPay works on a no return, no fee basis (most other services will charge a filing/handling fee in addition to a percentage of your return). Simply use our application process to have us locate any missing superannuation in your name, once we've located your superannuation the full amount will be returned to you minus government fees/taxes and our commission of 12%. If there is no superannuation to return then you don't owe us a cent!

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