Australian Superannuation Refunds FAQ

How could I possibly have cash saved in Australia and not know about it? I was constantly struggling for cash all the time I was backpacking. Is this a scam? It sounds too good to be true!

There is $540,000,000 held by the Australian Tax Office belonging to ex-backpackers and ex-foreign students who worked in Australia in the past. It's a fact. Talbots Pty Ltd are qualified reputable accountants, established in 1926. Check out our credentials on this website.

I've heard horror stories about Identity Theft after trusting websites that claim you may qualify for Winnings or Free Money. What protection do I have if I trust BackPay?
  • We can happily provide you with newspaper articles or text from Government websites illustrating your rights to claim back Superannuation. Some are already on this website.
  • When people pass through Passport Control exiting Australian airports to board international flights everybody has to complete a compulsory Passenger Card. The small print on that card tells everyone that if they are leaving Australia permanently then you may qualify to claim back your Superannuation. You can Google that or we can send you a copy of one.
  • You are welcome to discuss with us on the telephone and we'll answer any questions you like.
  • We are compiling testimonials and may be able to refer you to someone in your own country happy to hear from you and confirm we delivered their Superannuation in cash to their local bank account as promised.
  • Feel free to ask a financial advisor or accountant in your home country to confirm our claims are true. Show them this website.
  • Why not email all your ex-backpacker friends on Facebook and ask if any of them claimed back their Superannuation. Approximately 1 in 3 ex-backpackers have already claimed it back. Somebody will know something about it. You'll probably identify other customers for BackPay too!
  • Feel free to research our license numbers displayed on this website with the Australian Government Departments who issued them. Refer the "About Us" page of this website.

I remember Superannuation being detailed on my employment pay slips, but I thought it was a type of tax. What exactly is it?

A lot of people mistake it for tax but it is very different. Superannuation is like a compulsory pension. It's designed to take care of you when you retire in Australia. You generally can't spend it until retirement age if you remain permanently in Australia. All employers by law have to withhold 9.5% of your pay and send it to a Superfund. This has been law since 1992 albeit with lower percentages previously. But if you leave Australia permanently then you obviously do not intend to retire in Australia. That's why we can claim it back for you. You worked hard for every dollar. That's why we enjoy putting it back in your pocket where it belongs.

If I've got some Superannuation savings left behind in Australia what do I need to provide to you to claim it for me?

Simply click the Apply Now icon on this website, choose a password in case you do not complete the entire application initially, and input what information you have about your work and travel locations in Australia and BackPay will do the rest through to wiring the money to your bank account a few weeks later. There are no papers to sign as the BackPay system is all fully online with digital signature technology for your convenience.

So I've got nothing to lose by "Applying Now"?

Correct. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

8 - 12 weeks depending on how many Superfunds your money is in. (Different employers pay it to different Superfunds. There are approximately 200 Superfunds in Australia). Some release it quicker than others.

Is there any way of getting the refund quicker?

We can't speed up the process of getting the refund itself but in future we may be able to introduce you to lenders in your home country willing to advance a 48 hour loan for the duration of the waiting period.

How much does it cost to engage BackPay to claim my forgotten Superannuation?

Zero. We do not charge engagement fees simply 12% of the Superannuation amount on a No Refund / No Fee basis.

Are your fees negotiable?

Yes, if you introduce us to 5 ex-backpacker friends who we claim their Superannuation too, then we will do your refund Half Price. Introduce 10 new customers and we'll do your refund for free! Refer to us over 10 customers and we'll be keen to offer you a job working as a marketing agent! You may get more than you bargain for, your friends will love you even more than they do now, get a free refund, and earn money from BackPay, what an opportunity!

What if I was working as a self-employed contractor all the time I was in Australia?

In that case you may not have any Superannuation to claim, but we are happy to do a free search to be sure. If you did 3 months of farm work to get a second year visa then the farmer would have paid Superannuation for that period. It's quick for us to find out for sure.

What if my employer never paid my Superannuation?

Yes this does happen sometimes where the employer has been naughty and not paid it. You can contact your ex-employer if they are still in business and remind them they are obliged to pay it. The Government sometimes fines employers who break the rules and do not pay the Superannuation for employers. As soon as it’s paid we can claim it for you.

When I was in Australia I never did a tax return. Can you find out if I have any unclaimed tax too?

Yes we can. We have a tax agent in our team happy to do a back-dated tax return for you too if applicable. We can discuss that with you on or if you add further comments about it in a Superannuation Refund application through this website.

So where do you send the Superannuation refund to?

Whatever bank account you nominate in your home country or anywhere.

Are there any restrictions on what I spend my Superannuation cash refund on when it arrives?

Absolutely not! It's just like a normal Pay Day. Spend it freely on whatever you like. If you spend it on another Australian holiday be sure to call in to our office for a coffee.

Okay I'm satisfied. How do I proceed to find out how much forgotten Superannuation I can claim?

Simply click on the "Apply Now" icon on this website and follow the simple application process.

I have other questions not answered in this FAQ section. Who can I talk to and ask more questions?

Simply call us or email requesting one of our staff to call you back via phone or Skype. Or email us your questions. You will find BackPay staff to be friendly and helpful. We enjoy helping people around the world get their cash entitlement back.