Super Money Guides: How to Make Your Travel Money Go Further

How to Make Your Travel Money Go Further

When you travel to Australia there’s so much to see and do that you can easily be tempted to spend all your money in a single afternoon. That said, if you want to get the most out of your trip, then you need to learn how to make your travel money go further. Here’s 4 ways you can do exactly that…

How to Make Your Travel Money Go Further

Get Your Currency Anywhere but the Airport

If you go to the bureau de change at the airport then you’re going to be charged a premium for your currency. They have you right there they want you, so they offer a lower exchange rate and take a higher commission. By getting your currency in town a few days before you set off, you can save several percent before you’ve even taken off.

Taking Out Cash on Your Credit Card Can Cost You Instant Fees

Avoid taking out cash on your credit card wherever possible. Most cards will start charging you interest the moment it leaves the ATM — something which will quickly add up if you make cash transactions your go-to payment method.

Claim Back Your Superannuation the Moment You Land

Applying for a superannuation refund might not sound like the most fun way to get over your post holiday blues, but there’s plenty of reasons to do it sooner rather than later. You didn’t need to have paid into a pension pot whilst working on your travels, so apply for that money to be refunded, and put it towards your next trip.

Eat Where the Locals Eat

Last but not least, eat where the locals eat when you need a bite to eat. They know where the value is, and will be rarely seen in the more expensive touristy areas of town. Ideal if you want great food at an affordable price.

Saving Money on Accommodation Australia

If you’re planning on travelling around Australia then you will obviously need somewhere to stay. Unless you’re a strange new breed of traveller who doesn’t need to sleep, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be looking at different types of accommodation for your travels.

It’s a fixed cost, and it’s one that you can plan with plenty of time, so make sure that you search around for some good deals. Accommodation is one of the most expensive parts of travelling. But if you make sure that you’re booking with plenty of time then you can ensure that you have looked around then you can make sure that you’re getting the best deals.

There are a number of ways you can save money on your accommodation. So if you are backpacking around Australia then you’ve come to the right place!

Hospitality Exchanges

This is a great way to get free accommodation. That’s right – free. Stay with someone local and you’ll get a free place to rest your head as well as some great info about the local area. There are many websites online which show you who is available to share their house with. So many travellers recommend this way of doing things, because you get such a unique experience.

Many people are apprehensive about trying this because they worry about it being safe. However, everyone on these sites are rated by people who have stayed with them. Many of them are former travellers and know what you’re going through so are happy to open their homes to like-minded people.


For saving money on accommodation Australia, hostels are the Holy Grail. Many people think of hostels as a young person thing, or places which are dirty and gross. This couldn’t be more untrue of many hostels in Australia. Lots of these places offer single rooms, double rooms and smaller rooms for those who aren’t comfortable staying with strangers. A lot of hostels in Australia also offer more features than many hotels, making them great alternatives.

If you’re travelling in a group then you can book a big room for your whole group and then you won’t have to stay with strangers. However if you’re travelling on your own and don’t mind getting up close and personal with people you don’t know then hostels are perfect. The bigger the room, the bigger the cost – so remember that when booking.

Short term rentals

These are perfect for those who know they are going to be staying in one place for a while, or for those who want a base that they can set out from. These short term rentals work well for those on a budget because you can choose whether to rent a room or an entire place. This means you can choose something to suit your budget. Most of the places here are also really nice, modern and well looked after.

Australia in particular has a good reputation for apartments which are rented on a week-by-week basis. If you’re travelling on your own then they can be more expensive than some of the other options on this list. But if you’re in a small group then these are a great choice. It means that everyone in your group can stay together in your very own little apartment. You can get the use of a kitchen here, meaning you can cook your own meals – further reducing your costs.

For people who are after something a little different there are two more options for cheap accommodation. Farm stays and Monastery stays.

This sounds a little weird at first, but bear with us. There are many farms where you can stay for free or a reduced cost, as long as you help out around the farm. There are basic camping facilities or luxury rooms – so where you stay depends on your budget. You can also stay on farms for a small fee, without having to do any of the work.

The really different accommodation on this list is staying at a monastery. These places are not luxurious by any means, but for those looking for something off the beaten track then they are perfect. All the meals are prepared by the monks and nuns, and they are happy to talk to you about their way of life. Great for those who want to learn a little on their travels. Most of these places simply ask for a donation – so the price is up to you.

Do you have any other tips for saving money on accommodation Australia? Let us know!

Backpacking Australia doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With the tips provided above, you can still have fun while travelling on a budget.

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