Super Travel Guides: Travel Australia on a budget

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Travel Australia on a budget and save money so you can have a super time on your working holiday down under. The perfect answer to enthusiastic explorers setting off to the land down-under on a shoe-string budget and working holiday.

Backpay’s Super Guide: Travel Australia On A Budget

Super Rule No 1: Travel Australia on a Budget – Stay at a Hostel

The golden rule for travelling anywhere in the world is to make use of the cheap and convenient accommodation; more so for Australia where hotels can be super expensive and. So, if you’re willing to give up a few comforts in exchange for meeting people from across the globe, exchange cultures and save cash while travelling Australia, check out the fab hostel stays in Australia at Continue reading “Super Travel Guides: Travel Australia on a budget”

Super Travel Guides: How to Travel Australia on a Budget, and Enjoy It

How to Travel Australia on a Budget, and Enjoy It

Here is a collection of top tips on how to travel Australia on a ‘super’ tight budget, yes, even the expensive big cities. Save money as you explore the land down-under and also, not miss out on what really counts as part of your great Australian adventure.

How to Travel Australia on a Budget, and Enjoy It

Look for Cheap Food and Drinks – Lesson 1 of How to Travel Australia on a Budget!

Those of you on a tight budget can’t afford to be a snob, hence, head over to a 7/11 store and savour your daily fix of coffee for as cheap as $1. But hey, if you really are particular, take along a portable coffee maker, check out the camping gear stores and invest in a good machine. As far as food goes, you will find just about all big cities offer meals for around, or less, $15. Check the web, there are plenty of helpful updates such as ‘eating out in Brisbane on a budget’, or ‘cheap eats when exploring Australia on a budget’. Another tip is to hang around for happy-hour. The ‘happiest’ way to unwind and enjoy an evening when travelling Australia on a budget!

Travelling Across Australia for Cheap

Exploring the huge continent is a soul enhancing treat. The long stretches of road, the outback and traditional sites add to the memorable experience. Hire a car as the best way to explore those really, off-the-beaten-path locations. Hiring a campervan is perfect for travelling the roads and sleeping under the vast Australian sky. Check out Travellers Autobarn for some good deals. The Greyhound bus is also the cheapest mode of transport, boasting a wide network and a range of tourist oriented passes on offer, you are bound to find it the best option for exploring Australia for cheap.

Campervan Accommodation in Australia

Finding Cheap Accommodation in Australia

Heard of couchsurfing? Check it out, cheap, convenient and easy, being a couch surfer helps you to interact with locals and make lasting friendships; oh and it’s a pretty cheap way to tour Australia. Hostels too are hugely popular, especially amongst the backpacker communities.

Once you’ve got the basics of eat, sleep and travel down. The rest is a breeze which includes careful planning and use of holiday funds. Enjoy!

Australian Super Travel Guides

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