Claim back superannuation from Australia

Claim back superannuation from Australia online in a few simple steps

If you have been working in Australia as a temporary resident and have left Australia you are eligible for a superannuation refund, also known as a ‘Super fund’. Your Superannuation fund is a government enforced pension fund (for retirement) that all employers pay which is equal to 9.5% of your monthly salary. If you are about to leave Australia, or if have recently left after a working holiday or sponsored employment in Aus, then you are entitled to claim back your superannuation from the ATA (Australian Tax Association).

How do you claim back your superannuation from Australia?

We’ve worked hard to make sure you can make you can claim back your superannuation from Australia in a few simple steps. But before you get started here’s a few things you need to check:

• First of all, have you worked in Australia full time or part time over the last few years?

• Do you have a departure date or have you left Australia?

• Do you have your tax file number (TFN)? If not, don’t worry, we can find this for you.

• Do you have your passport to hand? If not, fill in our quick registration form and we’ll send you a reminder direct to your email so you can start your refund application later.

Great! Now you can start your superannuation refund and claim back your hard earned pay!

Must feel pretty great to know that you had savings you didn’t even know about ay? That adventure around Asia is looking a lot more likely now…


claim back superannuation

Superannuation Explained

Superannuation is effectively a pension scheme that all Australian employers have to pay into. This ensures Australians have a secure retirement later in life. Anyone who earns more than $450AUD per month will have to pay 9.5% of their salary into a super fund. Super funds can either be selected by yourself, set up by a bank or your employer may have one that they will automatically set up for you, which is what happens with most working holiday makers. And it’s good to know that this is not coming out of your wages, oh no no no, your super payments are paid by your employer so this is literally a nice little saving fund that you won’t even notice going out each month. And here’s a nice fact for you, Australia has a total 540 million dollars of unclaimed superannuation funds so you’re not the only one out there who hasn’t made their super claim.