Save Money during Your Trip to Australia in Just 3 Ways

Australia is not exactly an inexpensive place to visit or live in. But with a bit of knowledge, you will be able to save money while you live comfortably and enjoy your next adventure.

It is a fact that you need to spend money when travelling, and setting a budget is the least fun part of the entire process. It must be done, however. One thing you need to do is to save money before your trip.

It’s understandable that you’d want to buy a new pair of jeans or shoes before you fly out, but think about how that cash can help pay for a diving trip in the Great Barrier Reef or a campervan rental.

You should also book your trip in advance and in bulk.

Lots of travel agencies, airlines and hotels offer discounted prices for early booking. If you book all your travel needs in one go, you can also take advantage of bundle rates that will be a lot cheaper than if you were to book separately.

Once you arrive, don’t stop saving money. There are ways to stretch those notes to put you in the best position possible while in Australia.

Ways to Make the Most of Your Trip without Breaking the Bank

Share accommodation

If you are travelling in a group, splitting the cost of accommodation is one way to make a dollar go a long way. But you can stretch it further if you opt for shared accommodation instead of a fancy hotel. Such types of accommodation are available for short-term leases that you can split amongst yourselves.

Travelling alone?

Contact shared accommodation specialists to help you find cheap accommodation or sharing options with other tourists and travellers. Doing so will not only save you money but also give you an opportunity to meet new people.

Make sure the accommodation you choose has a kitchen that you can use, which is necessary for the next part.

Buy your own food

Eating out in Australia, even when you just buy a pizza or kebab, can add up and will cost you in the long run. You can dine in a restaurant once in a while but you should buy groceries and cook your own food if you want to save money. This is especially true if you plan to stay longer than 2 weeks.

This is why you need a kitchen in wherever place you will be staying.

When you hit the supermarket, make sure to buy in big batches and hit the deli up for your chicken and meats.

Get a Job

In Australia, working while travelling is more than possible. In fact, it is a favourite option for many students, backpackers, and travellers.

It is best that you have a working holiday visa so you will have plenty of job options to choose from. If you don’t, however, you can always get a job for a few weeks or so that doesn’t require a visa.

The advantage of a visa is that you can apply for farm jobs and an opportunity to apply for another working holiday visa if you do agriculture work for 3 months in a specified area in Australia.

If approved, you can use your next working holiday visa any time before you turn 31.

Just remember that farm jobs are not exactly the easiest but these may include accommodation and food that will save you a whole lot more during your stay. Since shops are far from farms, you won’t be tempted to splurge every time you receive your pay as well.

To avoid any problems, don’t work for farmers who will pay you in cash which is not only illegal but could also mean not being paid on time.

Final Thoughts

Australia is one of the best places to travel, work, and live in. But because it’s not as cheap as other destinations, being smart before and during your visit is sure to pay off.

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Save Money by Living and Working in the Australian Outback

Save Money by Living and Working in the Australian Outback

Save Money by Living and Working in the Australian Outback

If you want to travel to Australia then you’re not alone. Hundreds of young people every year choose to go here as part of their travel experiences and nobody regrets it. Labelled as a once in a lifetime experience, many people find that once isn’t enough and go back time and time again. However, it is expensive to keep travelling back and forth.

Once you take into account the accommodation, flights and eating and drinking for the time that you’re over there, the costs really do stack up. There are many ways to help you save money while travelling in Australia, and we have many other guides that can help give you tips and advice on saving money with road trips, saving money on food shopping and the cheapest places that you can visit during your travels.

One of the best ways people can save money while travelling in Australia is by living and working there. Having a working holiday will mean that you’re actually earning money while you’re staying there so you are self-funding your own travels. There are many different things you can do for work in Australia, and each job will come with its own pros and cons.

Save Money by Living and Working in the Australian Outback – Working on farms 

One of the more popular jobs that people do, especially in more rural Australia is working on farms. The reason that these are so popular is because usually the farms will provide people with accommodation while they’re working there and they can also pass on people to different farms all over the country. This is perfect for those who want to see a lot of the country and want to keep working and earning money. Usually with farm work you are provided with a place to live and one or two days off per week. Because you are also working for accommodation, the wages aren’t as high as some other jobs but don’t forget that you are getting meals and a bed too.

Save Money by Living and Working in the Australian Outback – Working in Restaurants/Bars

Another really popular job option for people living in Australia is working in restaurants and bars. Because of the major cities that are all around the coast of Australia there are plenty of opportunities for people to get jobs in bars and restaurants. These are often a really good option for people who also want to travel because a lot of the shift patterns in bars is night work meaning your days are free to travel around the cities and explore. The downside to this kind of work is that you will have to find your own accommodation, but this is all part of the fun. Working in hospitality is a great way to meet new people. Don’t forget when you are travelling that meeting new people is one of the best ways to experience new things. You get to find out new places that locals will recommend to you that you wouldn’t hear of otherwise.

It’s worth looking around at what kind of benefits different kinds of jobs offer as there are different things from each job. Some kinds of jobs will give you free accommodation such as the farm jobs. Other jobs will provide you with meal supplements which is a great way to save money as you can fill up using this and not have to spend too much of your own money on eating. There are many schemes out there which are available for people looking to work and save in Australia, without missing out on any of the traditional travel experiences.


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Top Blogs For Saving Money On Working Holidays in Australia

Here at we care about how much money you can save and make. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping passionate travellers and career expats contribute to their travel funds and journeys around the world with their superannuation refunds.

In this article we sourced 5 of the best money saving blogs for working holiday makers planning trips to Australia and top tips for people saving money for future travels.

From Australian superannuation refunds to money advice, tax tips and spending guides, lifestyle hacks and help on how to claim superannuation online, these guides by some of the world’s leading bloggers and travel websites will set you up for fun times.

Here’s our selection of top Blogs for saving money on working holidays in Australia

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How to save money on travel after working in Australia

save money on travel

After working in Australia you’ll be due a Superannuation Refund. And what better way to spend your Super Savings then by going on a Super Holiday.

Well, here at we value saving money deeply and in the good words of the money guru Warren Buffet, it’s important you  “Never Lose Money”. After working in Australia a holiday somewhere a drink doesn’t cost you $10-20 will be more than appreciated and some time being a backpacker will do you wonders. A bit of thrifty travel is good for the sole and the best part is that you get to experience new cultures and connect with yourself again.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best tips and advice of how to save money on travel after working in Australia.

Get Savvy – Saving Money on Flights and Travel

Save Money on your flights by searching for deals in advance. Check alternative flight times and routes. Another great tip when searching is to use incognito or private search windows on your computer. This stops websites being able to track your movements and will ensure you get shown the best rate. It is true that flight prices will increase when you’re searching so fight back with this handy tip on how to save money on travel.

We recommend the following websites for saving money on flights | | |

How to save money on booking tours around the world

Planning on travelling to Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, The Middle East, South America or  the USA after your stint working in Australia?

How about booking tours? If you’re planning a trip to Asia, Europe or the Middle East check out Travel Talk Tours (, They have loads of cheap deals often with up to 50% off. For music inspired clubbing and culture tours with a twist check out Beats Travel (

For Africa on a shoestring we would suggest a visit to Encounters Travel (, you can literally do a trip for around 6 days from $489USD.

For the US check out Trek America (

And for South America we would like to introduce you to Bamba Experience (

How to save money on excess baggage when travelling

This may seem like an obvious one but sell your stuff and pack light. Seriously how many times have you worn that dress in the last two years? Will you seriously wear that jacket back in Manchester? By selling some of your items you’ll have less to pack and therefore less excess baggage.  Then before you head off your travels around Asia you can ship your essentials back to the UK and conveniently time your arrival back in two months the same time your computer and wardrobe content arrives. For the best cheap shipping to  Australia we recommend Seven Seas Worldwide and if you use booking code BBM you’ll get a further 5% of your shipment. Bonus!

Get an international shipping quote online here

Sort out your finances before you leave Australia

Before you leave Australia spend some time to sort out your finances. Find out if your bank charge a monthly fee. If they do consider moving to a new bank or closing your account. Do you need the account anyway if you’re leaving? You may want to keep some funds in Australia if the exchange rate isn’t good at the time. So in this case make sure you move the funds to a savings account. Australia generally has better rates than the UK so this may be a better option.

If you’re moving your money overseas consider using an FX company such as or transferwise. Be careful though as some banks charge a fee regardless so sometimes you still end up paying more.

If you’re travelling after working in Australia then get yourself a travel credit card that allows you to load funds and not get charged on your transactions while overseas. is a good option but others are available.

Claim your Superannuation Refund & Tax From Australia

Last but not least, claim your tax refund and your Superannuation refund from Australia. Before you go it’s a great idea to check with an agent like to see if you’re owed any money from the ATO. Fill in their simple and easy to use online Super Refund application form. And if you want to enquire about an Australian tax refund email them at or give the office a call.