Travelling in Europe? Here’s how to save money on your adventure


While most of us love the idea of doing a bit of globe-trotting for a weeks to a few months (or even longer), it goes without saying that – unless you’re incredibly shrewd and can hitch-hike your way across the continent – you’re going to need a fair bit of money behind you.  If you secured a Superannuation refund after your time in Australia, then you’ll know doubt have a few quid to spare but even so,  stretching your refund will be a good idea. Europe is a continent that’s  rich in culture but can also be fairly costly depending upon how much you wish to take in – so saving is of course a must!  Beyond this, there are a few handy measures you can bear in mind if you’re hoping to make your money travel as far as you on your next continental break.

Go By Bus!

Yes – while bus travel may not be as common or as glamorous in some other corners of the world, it’s perfectly reasonable to save yourself a little money by booking cheap coaches ahead of time to get you from point A to B.  For example, if you’re heading to the UK, services such as National Express and Megabus offer extremely low long-distance travel – from £3 upwards if you book ahead!

Go Off-Peak

It’s tempting to travel in the summer, isn’t it?  Trouble is, plenty of other backpackers will have had the same idea.  If you either wait a month or two beyond peak season or hop across to Europe before good weather really hits, you’ll slash considerable cash on accommodation, tourism and more besides.  Do pack extra layers if you’re headed to Scandinavia in the spring!

Check Local Card Services

Many European tourist boards and areas will offer deals which appeal directly to those travelling from afar who wish to take in as much as possible.  Consider appealing to the tourism board that’s likely to cover you (a good idea generally to find inexpensive hostelry and things to do) and you could pick up a card that may cover you for a set amount of local travel at a flat, one-off fee – as well as for entry to certain tourist sites.

Go Against the Grain!

Sweden, Britain, Germany, Italy – all immensely popular – and the cost will reflect this.  Why not look further afield at less commonly visited settlements – ever thought about checking out Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland or Malta?  You could save yourself some serious pennies by checking out some of Europe’s lesser-visited tourist attractions.

Book Group Tours

Now there are group tours and their group tours. Depending on your idea of a holiday or travelling you’ll need to pick the right tour but doing this could save you a packet and you’ll be going home with awesome memories. Croatia Sailing tours like Sail Beats are immensely popular as they offer a unique mix of culture, music and sailing, while bus tours from London across Europe will help you cover travel costs, accommodation and access to various events.

There’s plenty of ways to save money when travelling to Europe – and this is just the start!  Plan ahead – and budget wisely – and you’ll have a great time regardless of the cash involved.

Thinking you’re ready for this trip to Europe? If you worked in Australia for 1-4 years you may well be able to claim back your superannuation.