Backpacking Australia on a Budget


A sizable portion of Australia is desert, with the largest found in the famous outback.

Rainforests dot the northeastern portion of the country, while the eastern and southeastern edge contain the Great Dividing Range that stretches 2,300 miles.

With so much to explore, you run the risk of going over budget. But there are ways you can still backpack around Australia without spending too much.

Here are ways to backpacking Australia on a budget but still managing to have fun:

Opt for alternative forms of accommodation

Backpacking on a budget means letting go of certain comforts. Instead of booking a hotel, you can save more money by staying at a hostel. Australia is a big country and every town has a decent hostel you can spend the night.

Another option is to embrace nature. You’re already on a backpacking trip so why not sleep outdoor as well? Australia has many national parks, a lot of which have campsites that you can use for a small fee and in some cases, free of charge.

You can also rent a campervan for the entire duration of your trip so you both have a means of transport and a place to sleep at night. You can even buy some pots and pans to do your own cooking.

Go for pocket-friendly means of transportation

Australia is a huge country – it occupies an entire continent, really. Driving between destinations, especially cities that are states apart, can take a while. Flying will definitely get you there faster and you can save money by booking with a budget airline with domestic flights across the country.

While in Australia, learn to love public transport – that’s if you don’t decide on renting a car or buying one. Buses may be slow but when you’re on a budget, it is worth the hassle.

Forego the usual places to eat

 It might be tempting to head into a restaurant for a meal, but if you fear ruining your budget, you can always cook your own food. Hostels usually have mutual kitchens that can be used for cooking. Camping also allows you to make your own food.

Making your own food is great, but where will you buy food? The local markets are your best bet. The daily or weekly farmers’ markets offer a range of fresh produce that allow you to cook your favourite meal even when on the road.

If all else fails, you can always go for food stalls which generally sell food cheaper compared to restaurants and cafes.

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Take advantage of anything provided for free

You don’t always have to pay to enjoy the best of Australia. And the best way to learn about the country is to visit its many free museums. So when you’re in a town with a museum that is freely open to the public, don’t miss the opportunity to drop by and learn a thing or more about the country.

Employ money-saving tactics

A national park is a usual destination for an Australian backpacking trip. Since Australia has loads of them – with many of them iconic – the best way you can save money to visit more than one is to purchase a national park pass.

Communication is so important when on the road. You have to let family or friends know where you are so they don’t worry. Since overseas communication can be expensive, make use of free WiFi to use one of several communication apps.

You can also get yourself a local SIM card in case you want to call someone local or ring up different establishments.

Backpacking Australia doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With the tips provided above, you can still have fun while travelling on a budget.

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Five Money Saving Hacks for Travelling Australia

Five Money Saving Hacks for Travelling Australia

Five Money Saving Hacks for Travelling Australia

Travelling around Australia is a must on every travel-lovers bucket list. A huge country with expansive desert, amazing coastlines, stunning scenery and wonderful people. Travelling Australia is a great experience and everyone who is passionate about travel should do it at least once in their life.

However, travelling like this doesn’t come cheap. For most travellers, going to Australia involves long flights which don’t come cheap, as well as figuring out places to stay and making sure you don’t starve while you’re there. If this is a place you are planning on visiting but don’t want to go bankrupt in the process then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five money saving hacks for travelling Australia on a budget.

Think about where to stay

Many people envision their trip to Oz as being full of beautiful hotels or glamorous villas but the reality is far different. Unless you’ve recently won the lottery you may want to consider saving money on your trip by staying in hostels. Every good sized town will have at least one hostel meaning you will have plenty of choice when planning your travels. Not only that, but hostels are great places for meeting likeminded travellers and making new friends.

You can also choose to camp in the many different places which are available all throughout the country. Some of these places offer free accommodation and some charge a small fee but either way you will be saving money by choosing to camp.

How you are going to get around

If you’re planning a long visit to the land down under then you may want to consider buying a car or van. Although this seems like the expensive choice up front, you are actually more likely to save money in the long run, as opposed to renting. If you plan on travelling around the country a lot then this can save you money. Even better if you can afford to buy a cheap van which could double up as a place to lay your head at night.

Take into account eating

It sounds obvious but it is something that many people overlook when planning a trip somewhere. If you’re looking to travel Australia on a budget then you will need to factor in how much food is going to cost you. We’re not saying that you need to skimp the whole time – you should go out at least once to truly experience the culture – but cooking your own food is often a much cheaper way of travelling. You can buy cheap food at local stores and cook it yourself in bulk which can last you days. Many hostels have shared kitchens and a lot of parks in Australia have barbecues which are free for public use.

Watch your spending

When you’re actually over there, the temptation to spend can sometimes get too much. It’s so easy to offer to buy your new friends another round without thinking about how you’re going to afford food the next week. Things like drinking and shopping are incredibly easy ways to watch your budget go up without even really trying. If you’re on a budget then plan each day or week and make sure you stick to this budget – no matter the temptation. Always make sure to have some back up money in case you get really stuck.

Enjoy the freebies

Many cities and towns all over Australia will have free museums and tours that you can opt for instead of paying out. This is perfect for those who want to experience a bit of culture without breaking the bank. You can learn more about the amazing place that Australia is, without having to bankrupt yourself. There’s also many national parks in the country – some of which are free to enter. Consider these options when planning your Australia trip.


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Money Saving Tips for your Australian Food Shopping

Money Saving Tips for your Australian Food Shopping

Money Saving Tips for your Australian Food Shopping

Travelling around Australia can be expensive, but this doesn’t mean you should be put off by the fact. Travelling Australia is an incredible experience and if you’re serious about your travelling then you should do it at least once. But many people are reluctant to do it because it is one of the more expensive places to travel to.

We’re here to help you with planning for your Australian travels on a budget. We have loads of different guides to help you save money, without compromising on your experiences. This guide has some of the best tips for helping you save money on something that people often overlook – food shopping.

It’s no secret that Australian food shopping can get expensive yet it’s something that is essential. Despite it being expensive, it is still a cheaper alternative than eating out every day so read on for some great tips.

Shop Cheap.

Wherever you are staying throughout your travels you should check out what the nearest supermarkets are. Do a bit of research and make sure you are going to the cheapest store. This might involve a little shopping around first, but it will be well worth it. There are also loads of local markets around that you should pay a visit to. These are often a little out of the way but shopping here instead of the bigger chains can save you up to 40%.

Choose the right time.

This may sound like a bit of an odd tip, but choosing when to go shopping can often mean you get some of the better deals. Friday evenings are a good time to go because many of the supermarkets are trying to get rid of their more perishable stock before the weekend. This can often mean that you get a better deal than if you were to go first thing on a weekday. Have a look around for the reduced sections of supermarkets and you could save loads.

Eat the right stuff.

It may be tempting to go out and buy different treat foods because hey you’re on holiday! But if you’re trying to stick to a budget then you may want to be more careful about what you’re eating. Buying starchier and energy rich foods will help you to save money because these types of food will fill you up more. This means that you won’t be as hungry after you’ve eaten and are therefore less likely to snack and waste more of your food.


If you’re travelling with friends – or have made friends along the way – then sharing your food bill will save you loads. Get everyone to pitch in a little bit for the food shop and then everyone can take turns in cooking. In Australia you will be blessed with great weather, meaning that BBQs and cookouts are the norm. These are perfect communal events where everyone can pitch in and bring their own. This will save you a lot more than you realise.

Money Saving Tips for your Australian Food Shopping – Bonus tip!

Eat before you go to do any kind of food shopping. Shopping on an empty stomach is a sure fire way to rack up your bill, because you will have eyes bigger than your belly and buy more. If you shop on a full stomach then you will be less tempted by snacks and treats. Shop on a full stomach and you will save a fortune!


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How to save money on travel after working in Australia

save money on travel

After working in Australia you’ll be due a Superannuation Refund. And what better way to spend your Super Savings then by going on a Super Holiday.

Well, here at we value saving money deeply and in the good words of the money guru Warren Buffet, it’s important you  “Never Lose Money”. After working in Australia a holiday somewhere a drink doesn’t cost you $10-20 will be more than appreciated and some time being a backpacker will do you wonders. A bit of thrifty travel is good for the sole and the best part is that you get to experience new cultures and connect with yourself again.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best tips and advice of how to save money on travel after working in Australia.

Get Savvy – Saving Money on Flights and Travel

Save Money on your flights by searching for deals in advance. Check alternative flight times and routes. Another great tip when searching is to use incognito or private search windows on your computer. This stops websites being able to track your movements and will ensure you get shown the best rate. It is true that flight prices will increase when you’re searching so fight back with this handy tip on how to save money on travel.

We recommend the following websites for saving money on flights | | |

How to save money on booking tours around the world

Planning on travelling to Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, The Middle East, South America or  the USA after your stint working in Australia?

How about booking tours? If you’re planning a trip to Asia, Europe or the Middle East check out Travel Talk Tours (, They have loads of cheap deals often with up to 50% off. For music inspired clubbing and culture tours with a twist check out Beats Travel (

For Africa on a shoestring we would suggest a visit to Encounters Travel (, you can literally do a trip for around 6 days from $489USD.

For the US check out Trek America (

And for South America we would like to introduce you to Bamba Experience (

How to save money on excess baggage when travelling

This may seem like an obvious one but sell your stuff and pack light. Seriously how many times have you worn that dress in the last two years? Will you seriously wear that jacket back in Manchester? By selling some of your items you’ll have less to pack and therefore less excess baggage.  Then before you head off your travels around Asia you can ship your essentials back to the UK and conveniently time your arrival back in two months the same time your computer and wardrobe content arrives. For the best cheap shipping to  Australia we recommend Seven Seas Worldwide and if you use booking code BBM you’ll get a further 5% of your shipment. Bonus!

Get an international shipping quote online here

Sort out your finances before you leave Australia

Before you leave Australia spend some time to sort out your finances. Find out if your bank charge a monthly fee. If they do consider moving to a new bank or closing your account. Do you need the account anyway if you’re leaving? You may want to keep some funds in Australia if the exchange rate isn’t good at the time. So in this case make sure you move the funds to a savings account. Australia generally has better rates than the UK so this may be a better option.

If you’re moving your money overseas consider using an FX company such as or transferwise. Be careful though as some banks charge a fee regardless so sometimes you still end up paying more.

If you’re travelling after working in Australia then get yourself a travel credit card that allows you to load funds and not get charged on your transactions while overseas. is a good option but others are available.

Claim your Superannuation Refund & Tax From Australia

Last but not least, claim your tax refund and your Superannuation refund from Australia. Before you go it’s a great idea to check with an agent like to see if you’re owed any money from the ATO. Fill in their simple and easy to use online Super Refund application form. And if you want to enquire about an Australian tax refund email them at or give the office a call.

How to save money on your working holiday to Australia

Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug you’ll soon discover the true meaning of the saying ‘every penny counts’.  Trying to save money during your trip or even actually save money to take home may seem unrealistic but it’s totally possible if you learn how to be a little thrifty, travel savvy and keep an open mind.  Here’s our top tips on how to save money on your working holiday to Australia.

Tip 1) Try and stay in a reasonably priced accommodation, remember, it’s only a year or two so you can get back into having a home exactly how you want it when you get back home.

Tip 2) Drinking will cost you a small fortune, you’ll soon find out about the famous Australian ‘Goon’ but this isn’t for everyone. Our tip is to try local beers, wine and of course keep an eye out for happy hours, food and meal deals and one thing you’ll love is Australia actually has some amazing BYOB (Bring your own bottle) restaurants so you can go and have an amazing meal and enjoy a few bevies from the bottle o (that’s a wine or liquor shop to foreigners).

Tip 3) Buy a camper van or car – seriously it may seem a little mad to buy a car or camper van but if you buy smart you’re effectively pre-paying for your accommodation so when you’re not working in the cities, you can actually head off on the road and you have your accommodation with you. If you think that accommodation in Australia will cost your around $30 per night ($10,950 per year) and add travel on top of this, you could be laughing when sell your camper at the end of the year and make your money back. After reading all the advice articles online, this one if by far one of the best ways to save money over a year or two and you’ll also be able to get around easily. Remember, do this when you arrive to make the most of it.

Tip 4) Get your finances in order. First you’ll need to set up an Australian bank account, it’s advisable to go with one of the majors such NAB, Westpac, HSBC, Commonwealth Bank or ANZ. It’s then a good idea to make an international transfer into your Australian bank account so you don’t get caught using your overseas card when you’ve had a few too many beers. When transferring money into Australia consider using transfer services like or as they often have lower fees than most banks and some also offer no fee transfers for your first transaction and incentives to recommend friends and family.

Tip 5) Claim back your superannuation. After working in Australia you would have been paying 9.5% of your wages to a superannuation fund. This is a legal requirement for Australian employers to ensure the Aussie workforce has pensions for when they retire later in life. As a temporary resident you are entitled to reclaim your superannuation payment when you have left Australia. They do deduct an amount for tax and you may need to pay a small commission but it’s your money and it should be back in your bank. The Australian government is currently sitting on 540 million dollars of unclaimed superannuation funds so our top tip is to make sure you don’t leave your money behind.

If you have left Australia after a working holiday, or know a friend who has fill your details on our superannuation application form and we’ll help you locate any unpaid super and find out if you’re owed a refund.

To find out more about how to claiming back your superannuation from Australia take a look at our superannuation FAQ page.