Super Travel Guides: Travel Australia on a budget

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Travel Australia on a budget and save money so you can have a super time on your working holiday down under. The perfect answer to enthusiastic explorers setting off to the land down-under on a shoe-string budget and working holiday.

Backpay’s Super Guide: Travel Australia On A Budget

Super Rule No 1: Travel Australia on a Budget – Stay at a Hostel

The golden rule for travelling anywhere in the world is to make use of the cheap and convenient accommodation; more so for Australia where hotels can be super expensive and. So, if you’re willing to give up a few comforts in exchange for meeting people from across the globe, exchange cultures and save cash while travelling Australia, check out the fab hostel stays in Australia at Continue reading “Super Travel Guides: Travel Australia on a budget”

Top Blogs For Saving Money On Working Holidays in Australia

Here at we care about how much money you can save and make. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping passionate travellers and career expats contribute to their travel funds and journeys around the world with their superannuation refunds.

In this article we sourced 5 of the best money saving blogs for working holiday makers planning trips to Australia and top tips for people saving money for future travels.

From Australian superannuation refunds to money advice, tax tips and spending guides, lifestyle hacks and help on how to claim superannuation online, these guides by some of the world’s leading bloggers and travel websites will set you up for fun times.

Here’s our selection of top Blogs for saving money on working holidays in Australia

11 Tips for Saving While On A Working Holiday

Author:  Tommy Walker


How I saved $15,000 on my working holiday in Australia

Author:  Anna – Global Gallavanting


How to save money on the road

Author: Nomadic Matt


Working Holiday in Australia Guide

By Hostel World


How to a working holiday visa and save money for travel

Author:  Goats On The Road


How to save money on a working holiday visa

Author:  Chapter Travel