Leaving Australia Tips – Super Refunds, Tax and Shipping

When leaving Australia are a working holiday or stint on a sponsored visa you’ll find that you are now eligible to claim back your superannuation and you’ll also likely be due a tax refund of some kind. To ensure you get the most amount of money possible on your departure we’ve put together a few key pointers that will help you to claim back what you’re owed from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) and we’ve thrown in a few pointers for off-loading some of those good you picked up over your stay.

Leaving Australia Tips

Tip 1) When you’re working in Australia you may be travelling for work and there may be various other expenses you’re incurring due to work such as working from home, transport, marketing equipment or a uniform. Well most of these expenses can be claimed when you make your tax refund application.

Tip 2) Claim back your superannuation. After you’ve worked in Australia as a temporary resident and have departed Australia and cancelled your visa (or your visa is no longer active), you’ll be eligible to claim back your superannuation. This could be a good $2000 of savings back in your bank within 30 days. Find out more about claiming back your super refund here.

Tip 3) Sell Sell Sell… When you’re finally getting ready to head back home start to sell some of the goods you’ve accumulated. If you’ve got time we would recommend posting adverts on Gumtree stating ‘entire flat content for sale’ and you’ll find that someone at the start of their journey will most likely come and clear you out. Visiting markets and chatting to traders can also be a great way to clear down clothes and any more bespoke items that won’t quite work back home.

Tip 4) Deciding what to ship back home is a tough one. Consider the weight of items and also the time it has taken you to acquire the items. International shipping can be expensive but buying the entire content of a home can also be time consuming. Before you decide what to throw, sell and ship back home, write a list of your items and think about what you would need to do to replace it. It’s not always that easy to just buy it again. It may actually be quicker to earn £2000-3000 again.