Super Travel Guides: How to travel East Coast Australia on a Budget

How to Travel East Coast Australia on a Budget

One things for sure, your trip to the east coast of Australia will be nothing short of one big fabulous Super party! But first comes the nitty-gritty, planning that tour and learning to cut costs; hey, it’s no big deal, read on and learn a few secrets to travel east coast Australia on a budget.

How to Travel East Coast Australia on a Budget

Travel East Coast Australia on a Budget but for How Long?

The east coast is so full of encounters and experiences that heading out there on a short holiday will have you regretting it big time. And while budget plays a major role in the duration of your holiday, try to stretch your stay for at least 4 weeks, 3 if budgets are really restrictive, for that comprehensive encounter of the gorgeous east coast of Australia.

Travelling the East Coast of Australia on a Budget

The Greyhound is the most cost effective mode of transport to get down to the east coast. Alternatively, you can look at hiring a camper van and driving down there, while a hired car will be handy for exploring all corners, like those hidden beaches.

Look for Cheap Accommodation

Head out to the east coast during high-season and you’ve got to shell out more than a few dollars on accommodation. But then again, if you are a party-animal and crave the experience, there is no season like high season. Beat the costs and tour the east coast of Australia for cheap by looking for cheap and comfy hostels, couch surfing or staying at campsites. Perfect for meeting new people, having loads of company around you and getting to know the locals.

Save on Your Food and Drink

Eating out on the east coast can be costly, but not if you learn to be frugal. Instant noodles can be bought in bulk and are really a backpacker staple, but for times you crave something more, how about a group BBQ on the beach, a pretty awesome way to eat for cheap!

For those pre-party drinks, Chateau Cardboard or plain old – goon, is not an all bad alternative, especially if you try it with some goon recipes. also, check-out the backpacker bars.

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