Super Money Saving Guides: How to Pick the Best Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards are not about spending money you don’t have. Instead, they allow you to enjoy a lot of perks during your travels. You could earn free points which can later be redeemed for air tickets, accommodation charges or sometimes even cash.  Here is a brief guide to picking the best travel credit card.

How to Pick the Best Travel Credit Card

There are number of ways your travel credit card can help you save money whilst you travel the world.

Money Saving Travel Guides: How to pick the best travel credit card

  • You could earn cash on certain purchases and use that money to replenish your travel fund
  • Get points which you can later redeem for discounts on flights or accommodation
  • Avoid foreign transaction fees when you buy goods and services abroad

Rule number one is that there is no such thing as a perfect travel credit card. It all depends on your particular requirements. First of all, figure out what you want from your travel credit card.  Basically, there are two popular types of travel credit cards.

  • One that provide cash back on purchases
  • One that provides travel points

Both schemes offer additional benefits such as travel insurance and lounge access at the airport.

Choose wisely, depending on your goals and your travel schedule.

Often with cash back travel cards you get a percentage of the amount you spend which will be credited to your account periodically (monthly or quarterly).

Credit cards that provide redeemable points will require you to be more patient. You should be careful enough to spend your points before they expire.

It all boils down to your own travel schedule and preference. However, when you pick your travel credit card, make sure that it will be accepted wherever you travel. Don’t forget to choose one that offers zero foreign transaction fees.

And finally, make sure you pay back what you owe on your credit card. If you’ve been travelling and working in Australia you will be owed a Superannuation refund after you leave the country. Claiming back your Superannuation is a great way to pay back your credit card or any other debt.

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