How Do I Claim My Superannuation When I Leave Australia?

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So you want to know the answer to the questions; “how do i claim my superannuation when i leave australia?”. Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of people who are not Australian residents who have worked in Australia as a working holiday maker or sponsored migrant may be eligible to claim back superannuation from Australia.

“How do I claim my superannuation when I leave Australia?” Here’s the answer

Read our handy guide on how to claim back superannuation from Australia 

Find out about Working Holiday Visa Superannuation refunds

Read our free superannuation refund help guide

Super Travel Guides: Travel Australia on a budget

Super trip Whitsundays

Travel Australia on a budget and save money so you can have a super time on your working holiday down under. The perfect answer to enthusiastic explorers setting off to the land down-under on a shoe-string budget and working holiday.

Backpay’s Super Guide: Travel Australia On A Budget

Super Rule No 1: Travel Australia on a Budget – Stay at a Hostel

The golden rule for travelling anywhere in the world is to make use of the cheap and convenient accommodation; more so for Australia where hotels can be super expensive and. So, if you’re willing to give up a few comforts in exchange for meeting people from across the globe, exchange cultures and save cash while travelling Australia, check out the fab hostel stays in Australia at Continue reading “Super Travel Guides: Travel Australia on a budget”

Superannuation Saving Tips

Save for Your Super and Enjoy the Good Life in the Future

Think you can benefit more if you spend the money that goes to you super
when you need it like you would your salary? You’d likely think of this if you
find yourself in financial constraints and your mind wanders to that fund
sitting somewhere out of your reach. But there are benefits when you save
for your super and take advantage of the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) as
this guide explains. Continue reading “Superannuation Saving Tips”

Super Travel Guides: How to travel East Coast Australia on a Budget

How to Travel East Coast Australia on a Budget

One things for sure, your trip to the east coast of Australia will be nothing short of one big fabulous Super party! But first comes the nitty-gritty, planning that tour and learning to cut costs; hey, it’s no big deal, read on and learn a few secrets to travel east coast Australia on a budget.

How to Travel East Coast Australia on a Budget

Travel East Coast Australia on a Budget but for How Long?

The east coast is so full of encounters and experiences that heading out there on a short holiday will have you regretting it big time. And while budget plays a major role in the duration of your holiday, try to stretch your stay for at least 4 weeks, 3 if budgets are really restrictive, for that comprehensive encounter of the gorgeous east coast of Australia.

Travelling the East Coast of Australia on a Budget

The Greyhound is the most cost effective mode of transport to get down to the east coast. Alternatively, you can look at hiring a camper van and driving down there, while a hired car will be handy for exploring all corners, like those hidden beaches.

Look for Cheap Accommodation

Head out to the east coast during high-season and you’ve got to shell out more than a few dollars on accommodation. But then again, if you are a party-animal and crave the experience, there is no season like high season. Beat the costs and tour the east coast of Australia for cheap by looking for cheap and comfy hostels, couch surfing or staying at campsites. Perfect for meeting new people, having loads of company around you and getting to know the locals.

Save on Your Food and Drink

Eating out on the east coast can be costly, but not if you learn to be frugal. Instant noodles can be bought in bulk and are really a backpacker staple, but for times you crave something more, how about a group BBQ on the beach, a pretty awesome way to eat for cheap!

For those pre-party drinks, Chateau Cardboard or plain old – goon, is not an all bad alternative, especially if you try it with some goon recipes. also, check-out the backpacker bars.

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Super Travel Guides: The best tips for traveling Australia on a budget

working holiday money guides

The amazing Australian continent is full of so many adventures and encounters that most tourists think they need large budgets to explore the country. Not so if you’re ‘super‘ careful as some of the best and cheapest tours are when you learn to travel on a plan, let get started with our guide for the  best tips for traveling Australia on a budget.

The best tips for traveling Australia on a budget

Travel Australia on a Budget by Planning Ahead

Don’t wait for last minute decisions; make use of sites such as Skyscanner and Google Flights to snap up those fab low-cost flight promotions. Australia is a large continent and deserves proper attention before you get there. A travel plan will help you identify the most cost effective accommodation, attractions and transportation options.

Choose the Right Time of Year to Travel Australia

Every budget traveller to Australia knows to stay away from the continent during high-season; hence you should look at March to May or September to November. These off-season months are ideal for enjoying lower airfares and even entrance tickets to parks etc. Besides, if you’re planning to backpack and explore, the weather is pretty conducive too.

Come Up With a Budget Friendly Itinerary Plan

Take time, explore the web and come up with an itinerary that matches your style, needs and budget. Go through the free Australia travel plans available online and you can tailor-make the type of holiday that works for you. There are many sites like offering comprehensive tips.

Look for Budget Accommodation

Hotels in Australia can be expensive which is why the wide network of hostels spread across the continent is so popular. Forego a few comforts in exchange for an interesting communal stay meeting new people from across the world. Some hostels offer private rooms at very nominal rates and communal kitchens for doing your own cooking and saving on dining out.

Eat At Food Stalls And Open-Air Markets

You don’t have to stay in and cook throughout your holiday; you can eat out for cheap in Australia. There are lots of Street markets and food stalls where you can enjoy a meal for around $10 to $ 15, while Bowling Clubs and RSL Clubs serve the same purpose in rural areas.

A Super Guide to Eating Cheap Around the World

Find out about Working Holiday Visa Superannuation refunds

Read our free superannuation refund help guide

Super Travel Guides: How to budget for a Working Holiday in Australia

How to budget for a Working Holiday in Australia

How much money should you take to Australia? It really depends on the type of visa you are using to visit the continent and if you have chosen a working holiday visa, a pretty wise decision, this article looks at how you can budget for a working holiday in Australia.

How to budget for a Working Holiday in Australia

Have Sufficient Funds when Applying for Visa – The First Rule when Making a Budget for a Working Holiday in Australia

The stipulated visa requirement is $ 5,000 and if you can save enough money to meet this amount you will be able to enjoy a very comfortable holiday in Australia. Keep in mind the more you have the better your holiday, whether its $4,500 or $5,000 to the last cent it does not matter, the more, the better the quality of your holiday. You must be prepared to submit bank statements with enough funds when applying for your working holiday visa, so, go ahead and borrow some cash, where possible, deposit it in your account, get that statement printed and then return the cash.

Base your budget on your travel and work plans

This is deciding on whether you want to first travel or work to collect enough funds. If you are eager to get your holiday started and want to start exploring first, then taking along enough funds is the rule. But if you plan to work on arrival, keep in mind that work opportunities do not fall into your lap immediately and you must have a buffer budget to tide you over until appropriate work comes along. You could look at a sponsored working visa, to assure you of work when you get to there.

There is No Magic Formula for Planning the Perfect Route

You will, of course, receive plenty of advice on where to go first; some may recommend touring Sydney and finding work first, while others will suggest you travel Australia’s East Coast and get that party started. What really matters is your personal tastes and finances, so go with what suites you best. Whichever method, your funds must support you; there are plenty of hopeful travellers arriving in Australia with less than $ 500, only to be deported. Remember you must prove to the Department of Immigration your ability to support yourself over your holiday in Australia or fail risk of being sent back. The Australian government recommend a minimum around $3000 AUD and this is about right. Once you’ve paid for your hostels, transport, food and basics you could find yourself out of pocket by around $1500 in your first week.  Be smart about finding work and try new things like working on a farm or picking up some hospitality, admin or telesales work in the cities. You could earn $25-35 per hour for basic jobs and for most temp roles you can start earning within 24-48 hours.

Australian Super Travel Guides: Welcome To Travel Talk Working Holidays

Australian Superannuation Refund Working Holiday Visa

Read our guide on how to claim back superannuation from Australia 

Super Travel Guides: How to Travel Australia on a Budget, and Enjoy It

How to Travel Australia on a Budget, and Enjoy It

Here is a collection of top tips on how to travel Australia on a ‘super’ tight budget, yes, even the expensive big cities. Save money as you explore the land down-under and also, not miss out on what really counts as part of your great Australian adventure.

How to Travel Australia on a Budget, and Enjoy It

Look for Cheap Food and Drinks – Lesson 1 of How to Travel Australia on a Budget!

Those of you on a tight budget can’t afford to be a snob, hence, head over to a 7/11 store and savour your daily fix of coffee for as cheap as $1. But hey, if you really are particular, take along a portable coffee maker, check out the camping gear stores and invest in a good machine. As far as food goes, you will find just about all big cities offer meals for around, or less, $15. Check the web, there are plenty of helpful updates such as ‘eating out in Brisbane on a budget’, or ‘cheap eats when exploring Australia on a budget’. Another tip is to hang around for happy-hour. The ‘happiest’ way to unwind and enjoy an evening when travelling Australia on a budget!

Travelling Across Australia for Cheap

Exploring the huge continent is a soul enhancing treat. The long stretches of road, the outback and traditional sites add to the memorable experience. Hire a car as the best way to explore those really, off-the-beaten-path locations. Hiring a campervan is perfect for travelling the roads and sleeping under the vast Australian sky. Check out Travellers Autobarn for some good deals. The Greyhound bus is also the cheapest mode of transport, boasting a wide network and a range of tourist oriented passes on offer, you are bound to find it the best option for exploring Australia for cheap.

Campervan Accommodation in Australia

Finding Cheap Accommodation in Australia

Heard of couchsurfing? Check it out, cheap, convenient and easy, being a couch surfer helps you to interact with locals and make lasting friendships; oh and it’s a pretty cheap way to tour Australia. Hostels too are hugely popular, especially amongst the backpacker communities.

Once you’ve got the basics of eat, sleep and travel down. The rest is a breeze which includes careful planning and use of holiday funds. Enjoy!

Australian Super Travel Guides

Want to travel Australia without breaking the bank?

Find out about Working Holiday Visa Superannuation refunds

Read our free superannuation refund help guide

Super Money Saving Guide: Eating out in Brisbane on a budget

Eating out in Brisbane on a budget

Are you a foodie, exploring Brisbane, are the holiday funds tight? Read our  Super Money Saving Guide and find out how to avoid cooking and explore this awesome city on the cheap! The following list will direct you in the art of eating out in Brisbane on a budget and you’re gonna love it too! Let’s get started.

Eating out in Brisbane on a budget – A Tasty Adventure!

The First rule to eating out in Brisbane on a budget is to scout out the fab food trucks

Food market in Brisbane

In this case we are looking at – The Bun Mobile Food Truck. Does the name appeal to the bread lover in you? It should, this cheap eatery is ideal for savouring delicious chow while exploring the Brisbane CBD, but as it’s a truck the restaurant on wheels enjoys stops at varied locations, just ask a local foodie about its favourite haunts. On the menu are Wagyu buns, pork buns and chicken buns; at $ 8 a piece you can go for seconds.

Trang Restaurant Brisbane

Trang comfort food at its best

The best place to enjoy a hot meal and eat for cheap in Brisbane, Trang is a Vietnamese come Chinese eatery offering delicious options of $10 noodle soup and more.

Sings Asian Kitchen

This eatery boasts an out of this world Laksa soup for just $12.90. The dish is full of noodles, crunchy veggies and exotic flavours. One of the heartiest cheap meals in Brisbane you will ever enjoy.

Carolina Kitchen

Another fab place for eating out for cheap in Brisbane, Carolina Kitchen is where you can dig into some hearty American style, cheese burghers. At $ 9.95 this is some pretty cheap soul food, oh and there’s much more on the menu.

Rates are correct as of March 2019 and may vary.

Australian Super  Monday Saving Travel Guides

Australian Super Travel Guide: Working in Australia – Does It Save Money?

Read our handy guide on how to claim back superannuation from Australia 

Australian Super Travel Guide: Explore Sydney on a Budget

Super Money Saving Guide: Things to do in Sydney on a budget

Things to Do in Sydney on a Budget

Voted the second most desirable holiday destination in the world, Sydney is for all types of traveller with a common perception that Sydney is expensive to travel; you can bypass this notion! Listed are some excellent things to do in Sydney on a Budget, helping you experience the best of the city.

Things to do in Sydney on a budget

There are Plenty of Places to Experience and Things to do in Sydney – But it’s Cheaper on a Sunday!

We kid you not! While tours of all those wonderful Sydney encounters are a tab harsh on small budgets, the Opal Cap Card is very popular for all day travel across Sydney. The Sunday Cap will cost you less than AUD 3, unbelievable right. So you’ve got Hunter Valley, Blue Mountain and the fab waves of Manly Beach and much more, to savour for next to nothing on a Sunday. Rates are as per the time of writing this article.

Tour The Attractions on a Multi-Pass

Sydney’s success as a top tourist hub relies mostly on its diverse attractions, but hopping from one to the other shelling out dollars for entrance tickets can be tough on the holiday budget. And believe us there are so many places like Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo and Tower Eye, to name just a few, that you are really going to want to be a gaping tourist! Good news, you can, with the help of a ‘multi-pass’ which is a discount card for exploring multiple attractions. Check out iVenture Card for cheap entrance tickets.

Make a List of All the Free Attractions

Enjoy exploring Sydney on a budget, by visiting the free attractions. First timers will find scaling up the stairs of the Sydney Opera House and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge quite a thrill. But there’s more; how about Bondi Beach, enjoying celebrity status this sandy oasis is not to be missed as are the lovely galleries dedicated to Aborigine art and watching the street artists. Go wander around the city and discover much more.

Australian Super Travel Guides

A Super Guide to Making and Saving Money In Australia

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