Don’t Leave Your Superannuation in Australia

Don’t leave your superannuation in Australia for the government to sit on. It’s your money and you need to claim us much back as you can. While you’ve been working hard in Australia and paying your taxes, you were also paying into a mandatory superannuation fund every time you got paid. Most backpackers or international migrants are paid into multiple super funds during their time in Australia. This means you have money saved that you didn’t even know about. Now that’s Super!

The question: Have you ever worked in Australia?

Super facts:

Did you know it is compulsory for employers to set aside 9.5% of your income as superannuation?

There is over $540,000,000 being held by the Australian Tax Office belonging to ex-backpackers and ex-foreign students who have worked in Australia in the past.

You may be entitled to a refund from over $540 million* in unclaimed Australian superannuation payments

Apply for your Superannuation refund

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