Find my lost superannuation!

100% risk free, no refund - no fee.

Did you claim back your Australian superannuation from your working holiday?

So many backpackers leave their superannuation in Australia, so many in fact, that the Aussie Tax Office is sitting on about $540 million in unclaimed refunds!

We reckon that money is much better off back in your pocket, or put towards your next adventure, so take back what’s yours!

The facts:
  • 8/10 backpackers don’t claim their super back!
  • On average, the refund is around $1,500 AUD if you worked for 12 months.
  • You can start the application process as soon as you leave…
  • …but you need to be out of Australia 6 months before your refund is processed.

Backpay takes 12% commission but the application process is free, so if you don’t get a refund, you won’t be charged.

So what are you waiting for? Find out if you’re owed a refund today: